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Watch: 10 Best Grammy Awards Performances of All-Time

Over the years, the Grammy Awards have shifted focus of its annual show. While there will always be much ado about the handing out of the golden gramophones, much of the Grammys spotlight is now placed on the performances. Take last year's telecast for example: the three-and-a-half-hour ceremony featured a whopping 19 performances, while the…

By: Cory Lopez / February 7, 2013

Celebrity Expats: Americans Missing Out on the 4th of July (PHOTOS)

As Americans all over the country celebrate our Day of Independence with BBQs and fireworks displays, a few notable celebrities are missing out on the revelry. American expatriates are no new phenomenon – living abroad has been in vogue with the glitterati for decades– and today’s celebrity expats are a glamorous bunch. Some…

By: / July 2, 2011

BUZZINGS: Zsa Zsa Gabor Goes In For Hip Replacement Surgery

• Glamorous 93-year-old actress Zsa Zsa Gabor is going in for hip replacement surgery today after she shattered several bones after a nasty fall. Get well soon, Zsa Zsa! (PopEater) • Speaking of bad falls, P!nk is back to work after her own nasty fall on stage during a performance. (Wonderwall) • From the Dept.

By: / July 19, 2010

Kanye West Talks Paparazzi and Legends In The Making

It's been a while since Kanye West has taken to his beloved blog for one of his amazing, incoherent rants. First, he gives some photography lessons to his best friends, the paparazzi. "SOMETIMES THE PAPS OVEREXPOSE THE LENS OR HAVE THE FLASH TOO HIGH TAKING ALL THE EMOTION OUT OF THE MOMENT. THIS MOMENT IS…

By: tracimac / May 21, 2009