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6 of Our Favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger Roles (PHOTOS)

Remember how just a few years ago Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger would barely acknowledge that he’d seen an R-rated movie, let alone starred in dozens? A beacon of responsible citizenship and good, sound, electable morals, Ahnuld did his very best to distance himself from whatever mercenary/robot/solider/barbarian/super-villain he might have portrayed in the past.


Todd Gilchrist / January 17, 2013

Colin Farrell’s ‘Total Recall,’ Matthew McConaughey’s ‘Killer Joe’ and Spike Lee’s ‘Red Hook Summer’ Hit HD (VIDEO)

As Christmas Day rapidly approaches, the studios race to make high-profile titles available for consumers so, if nothing else, they have some stuff to watch while all of the stores are closed. But this week offers a selection of titles which, unfortunately, aren’t altogether great gift ideas, if only because watching most of them once…

Todd Gilchrist / December 18, 2012

Jessica Biel Dons Sequined Halter Gown: Love the Look (PHOTOS AND POLL)

Jessica Biel tossed aside her typical white wedding-inspired gown at home and opted for a sleek black look as she attended the Total Recall premiere at the Sony Center in Berlin, Germany on Monday.

Donning minimal jewelry, the 30-year-old brunette stuns for the camera as she bares her back in this sparkly, sheer…

Rachel Levy / August 13, 2012

Jessica Biel Dons Another White Wedding-Inspired Dress: Yay or Nay? (POLL)

Is Jessica Biel a little anxious for her wedding?

The 30-year-old arrived at her Total Recall premiere in New York City on Thursday in a lacy white frock that resembled a wedding gown.

It’s certainly not the first time Biel has channeled her inner bride.

Rachel Levy / August 3, 2012

‘Total Recall’ Reviews Are In: What the Critics Are Saying

Total Recall, a reboot of the 1990s action-packed sci-fi film, hit theaters Friday.

In Len Wiseman’s revamped version, Colin Farrell stars as lead character Douglas Quaid — a role originally filled by Arnold Schwarzenegger — alongside Kate Beckinsale (Quaid’s wife), Jessica Biel (a rebel fighter) and Bryan Cranston (the corrupt Chancellor Cohaagen).

Cory Lopez / August 3, 2012

‘Total Recall’ Premiere: Jessica Biel Reveals Dream Remakes (VIDEO)

Jessica Biel is starring in a remake of the sci-fi action flick Total Recall, but when it comes to movie reboots, the actress prefers those of a lighter variety.

“Maybe Death Becomes Her or something like that, or Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead,” the future Mrs. Justin Timberlake said at the film’s premiere in Hollywood on Wednesday night.

Rachel Levy / August 2, 2012

‘Total Recall’ Premiere: Colin Farrell Jokes How He Modeled ‘Pecs and Inner Thighs’ After Original Star Arnold Schwarzenneger (VIDEO)

Colin Farrell brought his A-game to Columbia Pictures Total Recall premiere in Hollywood on Wednesday night where Celebuzz was on the scene to talk to the film’s stars.

Stepping into the role originated by former CA governer Arnold Schwarzenegger, Farrell portrays Doug Quaid in the 2012 remake of the original 1990 flick.


Rachel Levy / August 2, 2012

‘Total Recall’ Premiere: Kate Beckinsale Reveals Why She Hasn’t Read ’50 Shades of Grey’ (VIDEO)

Kate Beckinsale hasn’t been seduced by 50 Shades of Grey.

As Hollywood buzzes about possible casting for the big-screen version of E.L. James’ hit book, the Total Recall beauty told us that she has no opinion on who should play Christian Grey — or any other Fifty Shades character, for that matter.

Rachel Levy / August 2, 2012

‘Breaking Bad’ Star Bryan Cranston Looks Ahead: ‘I’d Rather Leave a Year Too Early’

Emmy winner Bryan Cranston has only eight more episodes left to shoot of his critically-acclaimed AMC drama, Breaking Bad, leaving him looking back on a series that revived his career and looking forward to a life on the big screen in movies like Total Recall opening Friday, and Argo coming this fall.


Celebuzz / July 29, 2012

Double Take! Kate Beckinsale Hangs with Her ‘Total Recall’ Double

Can you tell which hot girl is Kate Beckinsale and which one is an imposture?! It’s tough to tell when Kate stands next to double for Total Recall. FYI, Kate is on the right. 

The girls were filming the action movie remake in Toronto, Canada with Kate walking around packing heat! Okay, it’…

/ July 26, 2011

Shirtless Colin Farrell Hangs With His Son on ‘Total Recall’ Set (PHOTOS)

Well hello there, Colin Farrell! The sexy actor was heating up the Total Recall set this afternoon in Toronto, as he strolled completely shirtless after shooting a scene from his new film.

Showing off his sculpted abs and biceps, Colin made time for some father-son bonding, as he carried his son Henry, 1,…

/ July 13, 2011