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Iggy Azalea Has a Foolproof Scheme to Avoid Falling Off Stage Again

The scandalous rapper is back with a plan to avoid those mid-song falls.

Scott Baumgartner |

2015 in Social Media: Top 10 Viral Videos

Every year, there are plenty of viral videos to make you laugh. …

Callie Mills |

WATCH: This Cat Shuts Down Its Baby Friend’s Fantasy Winter Wonderland

Faster than you can say “ho, ho, ho”.

Mia Lardiere |

Adele Is a Lady in Red on ’25’ Release Day in NYC

Hello from the red side.

Peggy Truong |

WATCH: Doug the Pug Takes on ‘The Hunger Games’

This is what Katniss Everdeen looks like in pug form.

Peggy Truong |

WATCH: Your Favorite Pug Bike Gang Is Back

New ride. Same deal.

Peggy Truong |

Otto the Skateboarding Bulldog Is Your New Spirit Animal

We should count ourselves lucky for witnessing the amazing thing Otto just did this week.

Peggy Truong |

Please Enjoy This Video of a Baby Playing with Pug Puppies

The only cure for Wednesday blues is something adorable. This little trio should do the trick.

Peggy Truong |

WATCH: And Now, a Fetty Wap Goldfish Funeral

Why give a goldfish a regular ass goodbye when you can celebrate its life with the gift of Fetty Wap?

Peggy Truong |

WATCH: This Cupcake Eating Toddler Is Really Bad at Lying

“No I was at home…”

Peggy Truong |

WATCH: ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Gets 8-Bit Treatment

Would you like to relive Mad Max: Fury Road in three minutes?

Peggy Truong |

WATCH: This Sweet Ride Only Has Room for One Pug

Get ready for the best 35 seconds of your day…

Peggy Truong |

WATCH: Brave French Bulldog Scares Away Bears, World Breathes a Sigh of Relief

This teeny tiny French bulldog is your new spirit animal.

Peggy Truong |
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