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WATCH: Bryan Cranston Brings Back Walter White on Saturday Night Live

Nick Mangione | December 11, 2016 - 12:01 pm

Guess what Walter White’s new role in Donald Trump’s administration is. More »

Watch: Walter White Goes to Space (Sort Of)

Peggy Truong | July 17, 2014 - 8:30 pm

Walter White in space. Now wouldn’t that be some spinoff/prequel …

Last month, the lovely folks at TVtag sent a Walter White bobblehead into space and back and filmed it for all to see.

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Walter White to Return? ‘Better Call Saul’ Could Include Bryan Cranston Appearance

Peggy Truong | July 1, 2014 - 12:00 pm

Ask and you shall receive. Fans pining over the end of Breaking Bad and the great Walter White could be celebrating his brief return to the small screen.

Just like the popular AMC series, it’s all thanks to Saul.

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Walter White Threatens Girl Into Going to Prom With Someone

Kendall Fisher | April 15, 2014 - 8:00 am

Just when you thought you’d never see Walter White again, he’s back and still threatening people to “tread lightly.”

But only for a good cause…

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Walter White Gets a Second Final Resting Place

Andrea Simpson | October 25, 2013 - 6:00 pm

There’s no reason for Walter White to turn over in his grave.

Because Bryan Cranston’s infamous fictional TV character will now have a permanent place to rest for eternity… just how he’d like it — outside a bar.

And CB! has the first pics of where Breaking Bad’s newly-deceased meth-making madman… More »

The Albuquerque Journal Ran a Major ‘Breaking Bad’ Spoiler Today

Robert Kessler | October 4, 2013 - 1:15 pm

As part of the mourning process for the end of Breaking Bad some fans took to the Albuquerque newspaper, where the show was shot and set. … More »

Walt’s 7 Best ‘Breaking Bad’ Alibis

Scott Bernberg | October 1, 2013 - 11:00 am

What Internet Gold Made Us Laugh This Week

Celebuzz | February 7, 2013 - 8:00 pm

Have you been dying to know how the Internet responded to Beyoncé‘s Super Bowl performance? Have you always wanted to see a cat dressed as Walter White? You’re in luck then. Hollywood, meet Internet. Internet, meet Hollywood.

Celebuzz scoured the Internet to collect some of the funniest pop culture macros, gifs, and videos. See… More »