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Kristen Wiig Will Take it All Off for ‘Welcome to Me’

Think you've seen a lot of Kristen Wiig? Think again. The Bridesmaids star is going for "the full monty" in her next film, Welcome to Me. The 40-year-old Emmy nominated actress is Elle's August cover girl and she opened up to the magazine about seeking out darker roles, what she wa…
By: Barbara DeFranco / July 15, 2014

James Marsden Has Four Movies Coming Out, and Amazing Hair

James Marsden has great hair. I mean the kind of hair that other 40-year old guys envy and 40 30 any-year old women want to run their fingers through. So, the Anchorman 2 star was the perfect choice to help Old Spice launch their new line…
By: Barbara DeFranco / February 5, 2014