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Woody Allen

Jason Marshall / February 8, 2014

Director and actor Woody Allen seen attending the premiere of ‘To Rome With Love’ at the MK2 Bibliotheque in Paris. More »

Most Romantic Movie Quotes of All-Time

Cory Lopez / February 11, 2013

Annie Hall (1977)
“Love is too weak a word for what I feel — I luuurve you, you know, I loave you, I luff you, two F’s, yes I have to invent, of course I do, don’t you think I do?”
—Alvy (Woody Allen) to Annie (Diane Keaton)… More »

‘Crimes and Misdemeanors’

Loraine Pavich / November 29, 2012

This sharp, existential 1989 drama often finds itself ranked with ‘Annie Hall’ as the director’s best work – and for good reason. The cast, featuring Martin Landau and Angelica Huston, deftly juggles the emotionally-complex script to compelling results. More »

‘Hannah and Her Sisters’

Loraine Pavich / November 29, 2012

Allen’s 1986 comedy-drama is arguably Allen’s most ambitious script from a structure standpoint. The film, which stars Allen’s ex Mia Farrow, tells the intermingled stories of an extended family over two years and a collection of Thanksgiving dinners. More »

‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’

Loraine Pavich / November 29, 2012

After exploring the darker side of love triangles in ‘Match Point’, Allen decided to explore their more comedy-friendly elements with his follow-up film, 2008’s ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’. Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson star. More »

‘To Rome With Love’

Loraine Pavich / November 29, 2012

Allen re-teamed with his ‘Vicky Christina Barcelona’ actress Penelope Cruz for this Italy-set 2012 effort. Alec Baldwin also stars. More »


Loraine Pavich / November 29, 2012

‘Sleepers’ is the director’s first and last outright sci-fi comedy; a satire centered around health food nuts and cryogenics that delivers a hilarious end result. More »

‘Midnight in Paris’

Loraine Pavich / November 29, 2012

Only Woody Allen could deftly pull off ‘Paris” tricky mix of romantic fantasy and comedy. Owen Wilson plays a struggling screenwriter on the eve of marriage, who slips back in time to get advice on his life from writers like Ernest Hemingway. This is a movie for people who like good things. More »

Woody Allen: Highlights From the Acclaimed Filmmaker’s Career

Loraine Pavich / November 29, 2012

Allen experimented with murder-mystery tropes in his well-received effort from 2005. Featuring Scarlett Johansson as a femme fatale who becomes lusted after by two friends, ‘Match Point’ is one of Allen’s better trips into more dramatic territory. More »


Loraine Pavich / November 29, 2012

Allen’s follow-up to ‘Annie Hall’, this 1979 romantic comedy features a then-16 year old Mariel Hemingway playing the teenage lover of Allen’s character. More »

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