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Top ‘Total Divas’ Moments

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What do you get when you take a group of badass female wrestlers and place them at the center of an E! reality show? A whole lot of drama.

Danielle Jacoby |

A Beginner’s Guide To Being A ‘Total Diva’

Come on. Admit it. You totally have an inner total diva. We all do.

For some, it’s a penchant for glittery costumes. For others, it’s an impulse to dye their hair bright red. And if you have the hots for wrestlers or an ability to step down, you’re at least partially a diva.

Danielle Jacoby |

Jennifer Hudson’s Family Tragedy Has Become ‘Cathartic,’ Says Fiance David Otunga (VIDEO)

Jennifer Hudson had an emotional week — tearing up with young fans and in interviews Tuesday — as she talked about her slain nephew, Julian King, at a charity event in her native Chicago to honor the 7-year-old who was shot in a brutal 2008 family triple killing.

Despite the immense recent personal challenges, Hudson, who is…

Nicholas White |