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No One Pulls Off a Hilarious Blooper Like Jennifer Lawrence in ‘X-Men’

Proving that even Oscar winners screw up on camera, Jennifer Lawrence can’t keep it together in this X-Men: Days of Future Past outtake.

The A-list actress tries to put on her game face, but can’t finish delivering her line before succumbing to a fit of giggles. C’mon J.Law, it’s just seven words!

Mindy Lee |

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Spent Day Three of Their Honeymoon in Two Separate Movie Theaters

If you were young, beautiful, rich and just married, how would you spend your honeymoon? If your idea of a romantic time is seeing two movies in one day, then congratulations, you’re just like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. …

Robert Kessler |

The Cast of ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Hit the Red Carpet in NYC

The summer movie season has officially started and although it seems Zac Efron and his neighbors have knocked Spider-Man off of his high horse, super heroes will be back atop the box office before you know it.

Just to prove their point, Jennifer Lawrence, Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender and Ellen Page joined the…

Jason Marshall |

Watch Hugh Jackman Interview a Younger Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman has done a lot in 14 years. Besides receiving his first Oscar and Golden Globe nomination, he has also managed to play the same damn character for more than a decade. So naturally, it’s only fair for the Australian actor to reflect back on his never-ending role as Wolverine by — what else…

Gabrielle Chung |

You Can Now Watch Jennifer Lawrence’s Post-Credits Scene from ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Online

One big surprise for moviegoers watching The Amazing Spider-Man 2 this weekend is a post-credits scene revolving around X-Men’s Mystique, played by Jennifer Lawrence, promoting the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past. You can now watch that scene right here. …

Robert Kessler |

VIDEO: ‘X-Men’ Stars Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender, and James McAvoy Really Like Dancing to ‘Blurred Lines’

If only I lived in the UK and could welcome The Graham Norton Show into my home via a television.

Sadly I don’t, but thanks to the magic of the internet we’re still able to get a glimpse of Michael Fassbender shaking his groove thing to the seminal pop classic…”Blurred Lines.”

Jason Marshall |

Here’s the New ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Trailer

There’s a new trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past, and this time there’s more Wolverine. …

Robert Kessler |

‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Trailer: Back to the Future

If there’s anything to be learned from this trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past, it’s that the future is the worst. So bad, in fact, that our X-Men heroes must turn back the hands of time and convince the younger versions of themselves to wage a war that will change the future. …

Robert Kessler |

Superheroes, Muppets, And Zac Efron’s Booty: The 2014 Movie Preview You Need To Read To Believe

2013 was a great year at the movies and, although the year isn’t over just yet, we can’t help but to look ahead to 2014. Some of next years most anticipated movies are scary, others will try to make you laugh, but most of them are either remakes, reboots, or sequels. Here’s a glimpse of…

Jason Marshall |

Anna Paquin Has Been Completely Cut From ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’

It looks like Rogue won’t be making an appearance in Bryan Singer’s forthcoming superhero flick, X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, the director reveals that actress Anna Paquin’s one and only scene — a rescue sequence with Magneto (Ian McKellen), Professor X (Patrick Stewart) and Iceman (Shawn Ashmore) — in the…

Gabrielle Chung |

‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Trailer: Pretty Much Everyone You Care About Is In This Movie

The gang’s all here, folks.

The trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past has been unveiled and director Bryan Singer — the man who brought you X-Men and X2 — is basically bringing back every single actor to have appeared in the film franchise since 2000.

Gabrielle Chung |

Things You Need To Know About Day 3 Of Comic-Con

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Debuts New Trailer

The full theatrical trailer for the follow-up to 2012’s Hunger Games has been released. Take a peep on Celebuzz.

Superman To Team Up With Batman

Yes, the Man of Steel and the Masked Crusader will be starring in a crossover film…

Gabrielle Chung |

Bryan Singer Won’t Stop Revealing The Secrets of ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’

Bryan Singer wants everyone to forget about Superman already and check out the latest behind-the-scenes image from the set of X-Men: Days of Future Past.

The director tweeted the image this morning, which teases a worldwide reaction following an incident in Paris.

Ironically, the photo comes just days after Man of Steel

Jason Marshall |

Nicholas Hoult Goes Into ‘Beast’ Mode, Fights Michael Fassbender on ‘X-Men’ Set

If there’s one thing to take away from these latest X-Men: Days of Future Past set photos, it’s that no one messes with Nicholas Hoult when he’s all dolled up as Beast.

On Wednesday, the handsome British actor (and Jennifer Lawrence’s former flame) was spotted packing quite the punch as he sat on…

Peggy Truong |

First Look: Jennifer Lawrence in ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’

Get a load of Jennifer Lawrence on the set of X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Director Bryan Singer just tweeted a pic of the star, who is seen posing in her revealing “Mystique” bodysuit and neon orange hair. Singer wrote, “First look: #JenniferLawrence as a vengeful #Mystique. #XMen #DaysOfFuturePast” alongside the sexy shot. J.

Alana Altmann |

Storm Is Back… But Not So Bumpin’

Halle Berry’s petite baby belly has seemingly disappeared in this behind-the-scenes snapshot on the set of X-Men:Days of Future Past.

The 46-year-old, who is currently in Quebec, Canada filming the X-Men: First Class sequel, slipped into her famous figure-hugging costume Monday on set.

Director Bryan Singer was delighted to have the expectant…

Gabrielle Chung |

Jennifer Lawrence’s Ex Is ‘Thrilled’ About Her Oscar Win

They may have parted ways before awards season began, but Nicholas Hoult is still happy for ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence, who nabbed the Oscar for Best Actress Sunday night.

“I’m very, very happy for her,” the Warm Bodies actor told E! News. “I’m thrilled!”

The 23-year-old added that he thought Lawrence’s flick, Silver

Gabrielle Chung |

Chris Hemsworth Heads to ‘The Heart of the Sea’

First, Ron Howard announced that he was in talks to adapt Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book. Now, the director is reportedly circling another novel to turn into a movie: The Heart of the Sea. Howard could start shooting Sea as early as this fall for Warner Bros., re-teaming the director with Chris Hemsworth, the star of Howard’s upcoming Formula-One…

Phil Pirrello |
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