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Leonardo DiCaprio is Partying On a $678 Million Yacht During the World Cup

Leonardo DiCaprio is currently living a real life Wolf of Wall Street experience down in Brazil. Unlike the plebes who opted for a penthouse hotel suite, the 39-year-old actor decided to borrow one of the world's largest super-yachts as a place from him and 21 friends to party casually spend the evenings during the World

By: Kendall Fisher / June 13, 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio Parties With Pals Jonah Hill, Kevin Connolly and Lucas Haas on a Yacht in Australia (PHOTOS)

Ships ahoy! Leonardo DiCaprio is ringing in 2013 Down Under -- and he’s decided to kick off the New Year’s festivities early with his BFFs Kevin Connolly, Lucas Haas, and Jonah Hill. The hot Hollywood actors were surrounded by a bevy of beauties aboard a private yacht Dec. 29 while on a cruise around Sydney…

By: Andrea Simpson / December 29, 2012