Nick Cannon: Mariah and I 'Are Having Twins'

Nick Cannon: Mariah and I 'Are Having Twins'-photo
It's been weeks of speculation, and in a bit of a pre-Christmas gift to fans and gossip-hounds alike, Nick Cannon has confirmed that he and wife Mariah Carey are indeed going to have twins.

Ever since Mariah slipped and said "they" when referring to her pregnancy, rumors have been rampant about the possibility of twins for the two. And as it turns out, the first person to get confirmation of the news wasn't a reporter or family friend, but President Barack Obama.

On his 92.3 radio show, Cannon told the story:

On Friday, you will see my wife perform in front of the President and the first family ... and she opens the show with a song she wrote called "One Child" which is kind of ironic. It's a festive holiday song ... she even speaks of how she was inspired writing this song and being pregnant. So as she's singing this song and goes backstage and has the opportunity to speak with the President and the First Family, and they even questioned my wife about 'So what are you having, are you having twins?' At this point she hadn't told anybody anything ... and because of the excitement, she was overwhelmed and she shared with the President that we are having twins.


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  • summer

    Wow... those are going to be some mixed race beautiful kids, mum rich and protective of them, dad rich and proud of them.


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