Octomom: Now Tat's a Devoted Mother

Octomom: Now Tat's a Devoted Mother-photo

Now that she's inked a deal for her own reality series, Nadya "Octomom" Suleman has inked herself up with a permanent tribute to the little blessings that made the whole deal possible.

RadarOnline reports that the super-breeder stopped in at the Kustom Kulture tattoo studio in Hollywood last week to get a tattoo—her eighth—that symbolizes her mega-brood.

The work, on Suleman's left shoulder, depicts an angel with 14 stars and an infinity symbol.

"I just wanted to symbolize the eight babies and the six other kids and how the angel represents that they're angels—they all are miracles," Suleman notes. "And the angel's dropping 14 stars, one for each child. That's it. Kind of simple but meaningful to me."

That's quite the sacrifice, but Suleman says that the pain of going under the needle is nothing compared to the experience of childbirth.

"There were so many doctors ripping out the insides of my body that my body was literally squashed," Suleman recalls. "It was so painful—that was so bad."

How, uh, lovely.

Just make sure you cover up the tattoo if you ever need to catch a flight on British Airways, Nadya.



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  • Jackie

    loser..........get a life.

  • lily

    If she didn't have a mirror she'd be lost. Television is just another mirror. Doesn't surprise me she deflects all comments to her, and about her. She is slippery, alright, and it's not just a sideshow, that is her main mode of operation. This girl might have a forked tongue, and if not, it should be next on her list of operations.

  • rose

    isn't it weird how she never has any of her children with her, where are they everytime she is out getting coffee or nails done? I mean these kids always seem to be alone.

  • ResponsibleMom

    Must be careful or Ms. Full of Herself Suleman will sue us.

  • mafme

    "...and the six other kids." Whoever they are...

  • agnes

    I think this woman is suffering of a mental disorder!!!

  • gott

    This woman disgusts me. I hope her show bombs and she gets laughed out of the media. No one thinks she is anything except a sideshow anyway...you know the kind that belong in the circus...

  • vicki

    No, Nadja, You are the pain. Now she tries to get sympathy for the childbirth? ripping her insides? Stop the crap. We all know that you were put under for the surgery. Shut up!!!

  • wikig

    this octomum seems to never have her kids its all about her trying to b a copy of angelina her lips are so fake puffed, tats, glasses etc so trying to be angelina I CAN'T STAND THIS WOMEN SHE NEEDS TO BE HOME WITH HER BLOODY 14 KIDS THE JOKE!!!

  • noah

    Wide vagina. Bahahaha

  • charliemurphy

    Wide vagina.