Our Favorite Headline Makers

We love pop culture. We watch it, we listen to it, we shout about it, we obsess over it, and we write about it every day. We love it all, but, of course, we have our favorites…

Our readers are so good about telling us who they love — in our comments, on Facebook, and on Twitter — but we realize that we’ve never shared with you who we love.

We’ve asked some of our staff to tell us who their favorite celebrity is — specifically, their favorite headline-maker. Each staff member submitted a celebrity for nomination, a photo of his-or-herself, and a blurb about why they chose the celebrity they did.

And here’s where things gets fun for you: we want you to vote for your favorite of the celebrities we’ve chosen.

The poll will remain open for two weeks — until April 22 — and, at that time, the celebrity with the most votes will become, effectively, our Headline-Maker of the Year.

So what do you say, fellow pop culture lovers? Will you tell us who you love, too? Vote now!

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