Outrage Grows Over Noah Cyrus' Scandalous Outfit

Outrage Grows Over Noah Cyrus' Scandalous Outfit-photo

By now, you've probably seen the "costume" that Noah Cyrus wore this past weekend to an event in Los Angeles.

The super-sexy outfit that the 9-year-old sister of teen star Miley Cyrus sported is still causing quite the stir on the Internet.

While one Australian newspaper pointed out that the dress and boot combination resembled adult dominatrix costumes for sale online, Rightcelebrity stated the obvious: that the costume is "way too sexy for a 9-year old!"

"Trick ... or treat? Pretty much both, at least for pedophiles," states the Toronto Star.

E Online writes,

"We're forced to question [parents] Billy Ray and Tish's judgment. Obviously, these costumes are going to cause a stir, and the Cyrus family knows the Internet really can be a mean place—just look at all the scrutiny Miley deals with on an almost daily basis. So it seems odd they would willingly subject a 9-year-old to such criticism."

Let us know in the comment section: What were Billy Ray and Tish thinking?



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  • cazzylm

    this is just wrong!! what is wrong with her parents!! there letting her 9yr old daughter walk around like some emo porn star while there daughter wears see through shirts and shorts so short the dont even cover her ass!

  • Mjx

    That should have been 'from Swedish pimps'.

  • Mjx

    This is scary... she looks like the photos of the very, very underage Russian prostitutes that are rescued for creepy Swedish pimps on a fairly regular basis. It's not even the length of the dress, it's the whole vibe.... just 'ew'.

  • noiemileyfan

    oh my gosh its places like this that makes everything a BIG news stroy when its soo not remember miley's rap - everything that i do and everything that i type all the lame gossip sites take it and they make it news is soo true!!

  • Juli

    I can not believe what is written on this blog. This looks like a 9 year old little girl who wanted to look like a rock star. Only filthy minds made it into something else. Grow up people.

  • jazminqc

    Ok the dress is not that bad... it´s a little too much for her age but it shows nothing wrong. Miley is the next Lohan...she think´s she´s all that and honestly she aint.

  • peaceandlove

    maybe the problem is not her , but the fact that other nine years old will want to wear this kind on "clothes"

  • Gwen

    This girl is NINE years old - how can anyone defend this 'costume'? Her parents are utter trash.

  • starstrukkfanpire

    Leave Noah alone, she's just 9! yeah, a nine year old is wearing an inappropriate costume. i'm not bashing her just because she's miley's sister, but come on dont dress up like a hooker on Halloween. She's just like her sis now, causing controversies and being a bad example to little girls across the world.

  • mousy

    Noah Cyrus outfit is fine its cute you people need to back off these biger things out in the would other thin a sweet girl dressing up for fun an im sure she had her family with her its not like she showing anything an for you sick naste people how dare you look at a child an think this way get your head out of the guter you sick f*ck theres nothing wrong with a child dressing up for halloween get a hobby i love it its cute

  • Camille

    0_o elle fait peur !!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaah !!! I'm aifraid !!

  • sophyy

    hmmm. well. i guess its not exactly suitable. but then again, it's not wrong is it? i mean, she can dress however she wants. so if she dresses like a beauty queen, it doesnt make her have a beauty queen personality does it? so if sh dresses badly, doesnt mean shes bad inside. so just...back off. shes just a kid:)

  • Guest

    haha another case of the slutacyrus hahaha

  • yeah.

    sure, some people are only judging her because she's miley's little sister, but that's also the only reason some people are standing up for her. if there was some random 9 year old who you didn't even know walking around in this costume, you can't say you wouldn't silently judge one bit. the only difference is this has people publicly expressing how they feel about a child dressing like this. no, it's NOT just because she's miley's little sister. it's because 9 YEAR OLDS SHOULD NOT DRESS LIKE THAT. halloween or not.

  • ines

    is not dramatical is halloween relax is cut courage...

  • Skye


  • rockstar

    Halloween is the one time where people can dress the way they please and not get any crap about. It's just a costume. Get over it.

  • LAG

    Seriously though what makes it so scandalous? The boots? It's length? Honestly this is nothing compared to what a 3rd and 6th grader dressed as in my school (it's k-high school). The 3rd grader was a pimp and the 6th graders looked like prostitutes. There is NOTHING wrong with what she is wearing.

  • ghost

    yep...it's not bad, i don't understand why, you call this a scandal pfffffff..........

  • anonymuys

    she's so ugly!!!

  • iam

    oh please come on people, who really cares? i mean everybody is just making a big deal about it because she is miley lil sis if she were a normal kid in your neighborhood you dont even will look back at her

  • Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts

    This is just another way to pay attention to the Cyrus family. Attentions wh*res.

  • Marion

    That is not our problem. We should let Tish & Billy deal with this kind of thing. If they allow it, well, I guess we have nothing to say.

  • yoyo

    well, it's not a big deal.. But I mean.. I'm older than she and i don't wear that kind of costume, it looks bad on big people and worst in a nine years old LITTLE girl..

  • @

    this is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo NOT a scandal ! its just a nother way to hate them ! leave them alone

  • Holly

    k, a bunch of you are saying that its not too sexy for her and to leave her alone, she's just nine, but the thing is she's nine...NINE, it's not even a double-digit number!! Ignore the fact that she's a Cyrus and it's Halloween...she's NINE and think, did you ever wear something like that when you were nine..I certainly did not. Also, "So it seems odd they would willingly subject a 9-year-old to such criticism." Obviously, the Cyrus' should know that an outfit like would cause a big scandal which it did. It seems kind of stupid that they would let their NINE-year old daughter wear something like that in public. Sure you might say that its only Halloween and she's only wants to "express" herself, but if she's "expressing" herself like that, I don't want to know how she will "express" herself in the future..and its not like this is the first time she's dressed like that..

  • jo!

    That's scandalous???Omg....it was halloween guys.... she just wanted to show her costume!It's not ,,too sexy for a 9 year old!" get a life....

  • Lola

    Oh come on its not THAT bad... You're the one thats making this a "scandal"...!

  • jjjjjj

    she looks like a slag and a whore and look how short that dress wats the world coming too tut tut

  • Bex

    Tbh i dont even care anymore, If thats the way Noah wants to present herself to the world then fine. But Good Luck cause its not a very good image to be giving out!

  • Marie

    Leave Noah alone, she's just 9!

  • Hadley

    well just like everyone else in her familyy, she is fugly!!!

  • nakeddevil

    this isn't a big thing...haha...its a freaking 9-year-old wearing a costume that make her looked like a whore....i bet ur mother wouldn't let u wear this type of costume....just show this pic to ur mum....

  • emma

    WHO REALLY GIVES A sh*t?! you just hate it and make comments because shes miley's little sister. people cant make up there own excuses to dislike miley so they look at everything she does as wrong. MILEY IS AMAZING. you should just go get a friggin life of your own instead of writing dumb stories about other peoples!

  • LAG

    That's scandalous?! Oh please! Just another excuse to hate the Cyrus'.

  • sarah

    i totally agree with you Vanessa :)

  • vanessa

    get over it people you guys are the one who turns things like these into big things. You people are just hating on her because she's Miley's little sister and you know it. So give it a rest and get a damn life.


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