P!nk's 'F*ckin' Perfect': Full Video

P!nk's 'F*ckin' Perfect': Full Video-photo

Allow P!nk to show you what a f*ckin' perfect video looks like.

The "So What" singer has released the full clip for her bawdily titled single "F*ckin' Perfect," which chronicles a girl's transformation from misunderstood rabble-rouser to troubled teen to a woman who uses her art to confront life on her own terms and grapples with the thought of her own daughter facing the same difficulties she did.

A bit of autobiography for hellraiser-turned-mom to be P!nk, perhaps?

Check out the powerful video below and offer your own interpretation in the comments section.



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  • bones

    the best song ever!

  • mom

    pink has come a long way, love the message, hope it helps save someone. teens are so connected to music hopefully it touches someone who needs to hear her message

  • Ewan

    hey lilly, at least P!nk does mean what she says instead of just using it as self-promotion. I don't know if you noticed but she is not really into that. She doesn't hardly even do endorsement deals. This video is powerful and it holds the cold hard truth of life, but it also shows what we can become if we hold in there.

  • lilly

    oh... she' mother teresa now... ok, we all see she's not superficial like 99% american teenagers and their mothers.. but... she's little bit boring with that message song crap...

  • xoxo

    almost made me cry ; )

  • Kristy Ludwig
    Kristy Ludwig

    one word!!!! ~ A-MA-ZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!