Kylie Take Note: Zendaya Explains Cultural Appropriation

By: Kendall Fisher / July 30, 2015

From Kylie Jenner’s hair to the whole Rachel Dolezal debacle, there’s been a lot of talk surrounding cultural appropriation lately, which is why Zendaya is stepping in to explain what it is and how it differs from cultural appreciation. More »

Ice-T And Coco On Leaving Reality TV And Maintaining A ‘Movable’ Booty

By: Huffington Post / July 30, 2015

After three seasons of their reality series Ice Loves Coco, Ice-T and Coco are set to try their hand at hosting a talk show with the similarly-named Ice & Coco, which debuts Aug. 3. More »

Woody Allen on Relationship with Soon Yi Previn: ‘I Was Paternal’

By: Kaitlyn Laurie / July 30, 2015

Woody Allen has remained pretty mum when it comes to his past relationships, given his alleged history of sexual abuse and his marriage to his ex Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter, Soon Yi Previn.

Allen is undeniably a scandalous character, in spite of his position in Hollywood as a celebrated director, and hi… More »

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer Are Having the Vacation, Friendship of Your Dreams

By: Peggy Truong / July 30, 2015

Presenting, JLaw and ASchu?

More »

Breaking Hair News: Amanda Seyfried Cuts It Short, Donates to Locks For Love

By: Kendall Fisher / July 30, 2015

Amanda Seyfried has decided to part ways with her long blonde locks for all the right reasons. More »

Inside Mariah Carey’s $10,000 Per Night Malibu Airbnb Rental

By: Michael Prieve / July 30, 2015

The elusive chanteuse enjoys the finer things in life, even in her Airbnb’s. More »

52 Celebrities and the iPhones They Love

By: Peggy Truong / July 30, 2015

Long live the iPhone.

More »

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