Pam Anderson's Classy Birthday

Pam Anderson's Classy Birthday-photo

The guests at Pam Anderson's birthday blowout at the LAX nightclub in Vegas on Saturday were decked out in their finest Von Dutch and Ed Hardy ensembles, as the busty blonde feasted on cake and reportedly Criss Angel.

Anderson and illusionist Angel are rumored to have swapped spit all night long, which might explain the strange redness on Pammie's boob. Anderson and her entourage sipped on Grey Goost cocktails and Cristal champagne in a red-leather VIP booth. Guests included Three 6 Mafia, Andy Dick and Carrot Top.

Meanwhile, Anderson's long-time on-again, off-again ex-husband Tommy Lee recently claimed that he and the former Baywatch star would give their relationship yet another try and have moved in together.

With Pammie cozy on Criss Angel, it sounds more and more like the whole Tommy "reconciliation" is a stunt for Anderson's reality show Pam: Girl on the Loose.

Not that her reality needs any more "stunts."



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  • tammie

    her face looks almost scary

  • philthafuture

    Still lookin good. Did yall check her out on her new show that premiered last sunday?? she's still relevent in this industry and smoking hot. Check her out sundays at 10pm on E

  • cameronkitty

    The definition of class. Add Criss Angel in the mix and things get even better

  • hwoodgrrl

    wow, she looks blitzed

  • xoxojaniepie

    the redness on her boobs is just them rubbing up against each other