Pamela Anderson Is the Wacky, Embarrassing Aunt of Fashion Week (PHOTOS)

Pamela Anderson, strutting down the runway in a couple of strips of fabric that barely hold her breasts in? What, is it Thursday again already?

The former Baywatch babe strutted her 42-year-old stuff for the A*Muse fashion show, which went off at Amnesia in New York on Wednesday. Which seems like an appropriate venue, because we really wish we could forget we ever saw this.

Need an appetite suppressant to help you shed those winter pounds as we head toward yet another swimsuit season? By all means, dive into the photo gallery.



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  • Ashely

    why is she always touching herself? Hey blow-up doll, go take care of your kids!

  • Michael Arden
    Michael Arden

    she is always sexy

  • bellz

    i would like to see what she looked like now if it werent for all those surgeries...

  • sophie1986

    It looks like her boob grew an extra arm.

  • Jessie

    You go Pammy! Hot Bod!!! Hot Babe!!!

  • kristinapodaneva
  • vpopadiuc87

    doesnt she know she is old

  • lr

    I bet her kids are proud to call her mum.

  • pinder

    I think Pam looks pretty good. The vast majority of women over 40, hell over 30. Wish they looked that good. Do any of the negative commenters ever leave their moms house?

  • purple roses
    purple roses

    Oh, come on! How can anyone still think this woman looks sexy? She's an embarassment! i agree i really dont get her..

  • Wow

    Thats a disturbing image