Parents' Group Declares Itself Outraged Over MTV Movie Awards' F-Bomb Frenzy

Parents' Group Declares Itself Outraged Over MTV Movie Awards' F-Bomb Frenzy-photo

With last night's MTV Video Awards, the folks who man the bleep buttons were definitely busy. And today it's time for the nation's moral scolds to go into overdrive.

The various skits, presentation speeches and acceptance speeches during last night's award show were riddled with F-bombs. While most of them were obscured behind the big bleep, a number of them slipped through under the radar on the live East Coast feed (particularly New Moon actor Peter Facinelli's obscenity-laden Best Movie acceptance speech, which featured a flurry of un-bleeped curses).

And, as might be expected, certain family groups are registering their outrage over last night's potty-mouthed festivities. Such as nonprofit advocacy group the Parents Television Council (PTC), whose president, Tim Winter, fumes,

"We are very angry at what we think was not just an entertainment show gone blue but a verbal assault on families. I think this is exactly what MTV wants and I think it is outrageous that in order to get channels like the Disney Channel, ESPN and CNN you are forced to pay a monthly fee."

While MTV issued on-air warnings that the Movie Awards were for viewers 14 and up, Winters isn't having any of it:

"It is an outrage to the content rating system. If it had been a motion picture, it would have been rated R. The fact that it was rated 14 shows what little respect MTV and Viacom have for the content ratings."

Or they could just use the remote control to change the channel or, God forbid, turn the TV off. Either way...

Do you think the PTC has a point? Share your thoughts in the comments section.



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  • CA

    Not everyone in the world says "F" in almost every sentence instead of using real actual words which convey actual distinct meanings. When "F" is used constantly instead of other more creative, and specific words, we lose our language. What does "F" even mean anymore? When it's used all the time to express anger, love, affection, playfullness, just for common conversation, it too becomes meaningless. The more we hear and see of it the worse it gets. How would it be if the word golly-darn was used in every sentence like 'F' is. I want my golly-darn food and I golly-darn want it now. Sounds ridiculous! So does 'F', except I think it has a true role in expression when used in frustration, like oh 'sh' once in awhile. But aside from that, no , not every household uses these words, and these people on MTV are role models for kids, young kids, and it's not a good example. To say they hear it everywhere begs the point, because if what would help society is more literate and well spoken people, then the point would be to decrease it's useage everywhere. These parents have valid concerns....It's up to each person how they talk, but TV has a HUGE influence on society and vulnerable children and teenagers.....parents can't constantly monitor the TV, and even if they do, this stuff is everywhere.....our society is losing it's ability to communicate, we are becoming a society with a LESS rich language and LESS rich way of speaking or writing..... That's the point to me, and that kids should be protected until they are adults, and then they can choose..... I don't think the occasional word is any big thing.....but it seems to be getting out of control..... JMHO

  • Kenny

    it doesnt get an R is yo8u bleep it, there idiots trying to cause trouble



  • thisisthebest

    If you're like 10 years old and you're watching the MTV Movie Awards with your parents...somethings wrong. First of all, if you don't want your kids hearing all the bad words DON'T WATCH IT. So don't complain about your kids hearing all the curse words when you could've turned off the TV in the first place.

  • monique

    omg chill out!!!!! wtf who careees?

  • Pandabear192438

    If you don't like the language then just turn the channal! MTV is not for anyone under the age of 13! I thought that the show F****ing rocked!

  • wtf??

    if these parent groups are so concerned about television their children are watching - why are they letting them watch MTV? Seems rather hypocritcal to me. You want any show that YOU are watching to be censored - even when its MTV (hello - what did you expect?) and there were warnings in advance. Also, after the first five minutes of bleeping - any reasonable adult that was worried about their children being exposed to "that kind of language" would have shut off the program. No - you want anything you watch to be censored - which in effect means you are violating MY rights. Personally - I think swearing is way over sensationalized. Its a word - get over it. In fact when you think about it - what is really wrong with swearing? Cheating, stealing, lying, etc. are all much worse because they intentionally hurt someone. Swear words are only problematic because societal mores have been established that say "Oh - that is a bad work." I like the word f*ck....its one of my favorite verbs and definitely at the top of my adjective list. Its a strong powerful word that says so much. F*ck you if you are caught up in thinking its a swear word....its a word - plain and simple. Its a great one.

  • !

    PARENT GROUPS....SHUT THE F**K everyone said, turn the channel, THIS WAS AND IS M...T....F**KING V! Then you and your KIDS shoulda been in Bed!

  • thelc80

    Who the f*ck cares this is an MTV show of course it is going to happen! This is not for younger audience. Its the parents fault if they let them watch. Get over it! Like I said it's MTV!!!!!!!!

  • bridge

    rated r? please the f word is allowed in pg 13 movies so that dude is an idiot, and the 14 and up rating is totally fine

  • colombiqua28

    I THOUGHT THAT IT WAS HILARIOUS!!! .. and personally its the parents fault for letting their children to watch the awards. Parents should take more responsibility on their kids and what they do.

  • ashely

    change the mother f*ckin' channel and stop tryin to f*ckin ruin it for everyone else!

  • Lauren Elizabeth Rickard
    Lauren Elizabeth Rickard

    Well jesus! People, everyone cusses! It's not like little kids haven't heard it before!! I bet every one of those parents out there has said it in front of their kid before!

  • oooh baaad wooords
    oooh baaad wooords

    I have a different complaint. Why did they also bleep the international live feed? The rest of the world has no ´´forbidden words´´, it became a somewhat incomprehensible show, and there was also censoring of other than so called bad word, some peoples names were bleeped. Did they bleep the name Shia Labouf because he refused to take part of the show or what? I was watching it live on TV in europe.

  • Tamara

    That's so dumb, it's not like Peter Facinelli doesn't have children himself. People swear, put the stick out of your ass, and get over lady.