Paris Hilton Wants To Bring The Gift Of Music To The Troops

Paris Hilton Wants To Bring The Gift Of Music To The Troops-photo

Paris Hilton has reportedly found a new way to delight the men and women serving as U.S. soldiers in the Middle East: give them awesome MP3 players!

Paris has signed up for Songs For Soldiers, a new charitable initiative that is hoping to give every single soldier stationed in the Middle East a new MP3 player with music donated by famous artists. Please tell us that Paris' smash hit "Stars are Blind" will be on the MP3 player!

Anyways, Paris will be hosting an event for the charity later this week and she is currently doing press to drum up donations and support for the troop-tastic cause.

Paris says that she isn't "looking to make a political statement with this cause" but she wants to be able to show the troops that she cares and is thankful for their hard work.

Paris is also hoping that she will get a chance to go visit the troops to hand-deliver the MP3 players once the charity meets its goal.



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  • Charity Parity
    Charity Parity

    That's great! I can't think of any other people who need mp3-players or money or food. Especially not the earthquake victims in Haiti. I can't remember them.

  • phreviewz

    A very cool idea. A very sweet girl to support the troops!

  • Brian  Bolten
    Brian Bolten

    Bill O'Reilly said that you were "A patriot" for this, and I agree! Thank you so very much for supporting our troops Paris! You ARE a patriot indeed!

  • Buddy Sampson
    Buddy Sampson

    Very cool. Let us know what The Scoop LA can do to help. We'd love to interview you for a story as well. Visit