Pattinson Works Undead Charm at L.A. Bar

Pattinson Works Undead Charm at L.A. Bar-photo

Robert Pattinson threw some serious vampire magic late last night at Coach & Horses pub in Los Angeles.

When the Twilight star showed up with a group of friends at the British-themed bar after 10 p.m last night "the girl I was working with freaked out," bartender Peter Renaud tells Celebuzz. 

"She went over to his table to serve him. He took it upon himself to introduce himself and shook her hand. And it happened. She turned into a five-year-old girl," Renaud says.

"From her reaction, he's clearly as hot in person as he is in film. She was too shy to really say anything to him."

Pattinson, in town to present at Sunday's Academy Awards, hung out with primarily British friends for about 2 1/2 hours. Heineken was the drink of choice.

"He was pretty much left alone, it was dark and they chilled," says Renaud. "Just booze, nice music and conversation."

Other than that old age-transportation-trick pulled on the bartender perhaps the only remarkable moment of the evening was when one of Pattinson's group fell off her barstool. "They all had a good laugh about that," says Renaud.

Oh, and one other note: Robert if you are reading this, your friend Zeb left his hat at the bar.



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  • beez

    Went to coach and horses the next night. He wasn't there

  • letterstotwilight

    well obviously he'll never go THERE again... just ruined that bar for him!.. haha.. zeb.. left his hat.. love it. zeb when you find your hat- let rob know he left his pants at my house

  • sbaran

    If you can find someone hotter to replace him, be my guest, dude!

  • iheartcelebs

    he sounds like the nicest guy ever. it's official, am head over heels for Patti

  • bawwow

    totally going tonight