Paula Abdul Leaving 'Idol' for her Own Talk Show?

Paula Abdul Leaving 'Idol' for her Own Talk Show?-photo

Reports first surfaced in November that American Idol judge Paula Abdul has been shopping around television projects.

Now the National Enquirer is claiming the 46-year-old "Straight Up" singer is planning to launch her own talk show in 2010 if Idol producers don't double her salary for the show's ninth season.

“Paula’s been dreaming about having her own talk show for three years, and she’s ready to make it a reality,” says an Enquirer source.

The new gig is supposedly being set up for Paula at CBS/Paramount Network Television.

Meanwhile, Abdul currently earns between $5 and $7 million each season on American Idol, but is allegedly demanding $10 million for the 2010 run.

“And if she does get her contract demands, Paula will attempt to negotiate a clause that states she can have other projects, including a talk show, and will juggle both," says the tabloid's insider.

“Paula is unpredictable and not afraid to speak her mind—but she also leads from the heart and really connects with people. Studio execs feel those are the kind of personal attributes that would make her perfect for a daytime talk show.”

Maybe, maybe not.  Let the video do the talking:

This would certainly be a good time for Abdul to bow out of Idol; the show has added a second female judge, Kara DioGuardi, 38, for the eighth season.

American Idol returns to the air January 13 on Fox. Do you plan on tuning in?



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  • Lexie

    She is not leaving Idol for a talk show. and whats more... a talk show isnt happening. She was on the radio yesterday and they asked her about the talk show. She said she doesnt have a clue where this rumor comes from- she is Not working on getting a talk show and has not even thought of the idea.

  • Lucy

    I dont get why this is getting so much attention. i mean... 113 comments so far on some site. seriously... Paula hasnt said a Word about wanting a talk show. It is Just a rumor. probably not even true! The only thing she said is that she wants to stay on Idol forever. And producers have said she is on Idol to stay. So shes definitely not gonna leave Idol