PETA Takes a Whack at Sharon Stone's Fur

PETA Takes a Whack at Sharon Stone's Fur-photo

Looks like PETA has stepped off of the Olsen twins' nuts long enough to turn its righteous rage toward Sharon Stone.

The organization's president, Ingrid Newkirk, poison-penned a letter to the 50-year-old actress Tuesday, offering to pay for a brain scan to determine the cause of "the indifference that you flaunt and the callous remarks that you make about the suffering and death of the animals whose fur you wear so often."

The letter, which was obtained by, goes on to ask, "Would you allow PETA to pay for a scan of the prefrontal region of your brain to determine if comments and actions that seem to demonstrate a lack of empathy are the result of a physical defect?"

You're probably barking up the wrong tree, Ingrid.

Stone's clearly not afraid of pissing off a billion Chinese—do you think she's worried about the wrath of a few bunny-huggers?

Most important, the more Sharon stays covered up, the better. If a few critters are sacrificed for the cause, so be it.



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  • What's your pain tolerance!
    What's your pain tolerance!

    It's how they are moron. The animals are still conscious most of the time. How about you can you handle that. Let's skin you alive. We don't live in prehistoric times anymore ding dong. Who cares about Sharon she paying your bills? She is selfish and evidently cold-hearted!

  • francesca

    I believe any person can wear what they want, it is their choice. What did people do hundreds of years ago. they killed for the meat to feed their family and used the hide to wear to keep warm. What about these people who wear their precious snake skin boots and belts, or their rabbit fur coats. Not only can use eat the meat but wear it as well. Their are so many animals that people kill to eat, so why not use every part of the animal and not let is go to waste. I commend Sharon for being herself and being a REAL person and speaking her mind. We need more people like her, she is only saying and doing what the rest of us are thinking and would like to do. Before you know it their will be a group of people who will start crap about vetables... you have to pull them out of the ground and chop them up to eat them as well....

  • lance

    If the women wants to wear fur it is her choice to do so. just as it is PETA's right to choose not to. I sincerly do not belive she is into nor indorsing any person nor group that does testing on or torturs animals. Besides if it was not for animals giving up there hides to us our for fathers never would have been able to have survied. Not to mention that most of the other products used other than fur are made from potrolium products. Atleast with fur it isn't draining the worlds natural reasources.

  • mynameisearl

    Sharon is whack.

  • flirtyfabulous

    PETA needs to chill out.