Phoebe Price and Mischa Barton: Battling Headbands

Phoebe Price and Mischa Barton: Battling Headbands-photo

Actresses are going bananas for headbands lately. Whether it's the way they cover up a bad dye job or hold a rogue extension in place, these little swaths of cloth are clogging up red carpets.

But O.C. actress and hand bag designer Mischa Barton is taking her love of the band beyond photo ops.

Mischa partnered with accessories designer Stacey Lapidus on a line called Mischa Barton for Stacey Lapidus. Lapidus' signature line is sold at Hilary Rush in Los Angeles and Charlotte Ronson in New York. Mischa's headbands range from $40 to $200 and include materials like silk, feathers, crystals and pearls. 

Unlike Mischa, who has a long documented affair with stylish head sashes, red carpet staple and lunatic Phoebe Price is a Johnny-come-lately to the headband game. Jumping on the hair wagon, Price is hawking her own line at Rouge Boutique in Beverly Hills.

Good luck, Pheobe—you'll probably need it!



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