PHOTO GALLERY: Eclipse's New Cast Member: Jack Huston

And he's a hot one!

Actor Jack Huston is taking a bite of the Twilight franchise and has been cast as Royce King II in the third flick, Eclipse.

Royce's character is a human that lived during the Great Depression, who has a special relationship with Nikki Reed's Rosalie.

Huston stars on the new ABC series Eastwick, which debuts next month and will appear in upcoming movies Boogie Woogie and Mr. Nice.

Get familiar with Jack in our new gallery and have your say in the comments section: Are you happy with this casting decision?



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  • dani

    think he s better then patterson actually. and it doesnt make sense saying he s johnny depp's wannabe! he's cute though...

  • suckerforvampires

    He's perfect for the part. Good casting choice. I don't think Nikki dyes her hair-she won't let them. So I think its all wigs.

  • briann

    eww i dont think so... he doesn't have anything over robert pattinson

  • jen

    Looks like a good choice! They can always dye his hair like they dyed Nikki's.

  • JP

    Just think someone should point out that Royce King is supposed to be light blond hair, with light blue eyes according to the books.....

  • k

    taylor is hotter :-P

  • Janette


  • molly

    okay, i know vampires are supposed to be hot and in twilight they are, but even the humans are gorgeous!!! twilight saga has THE hottest guys!

  • Psht

    This dork is a total Johnny Depp wannabe.

  • lisa

    OH totally what i pictured Royce to look like! perfect:D

  • tatts09

    hellooooo handsome..!!

  • obsessed

    YAY !

  • jack huston is sexy!!!
    jack huston is sexy!!!

    wooooooooooow he's freaking hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mysterious!!!!!he has beautiful lips,eyes and hair complete package!!!!!!!!!!!!!watch out Rob this guy is sexy !!!!!yummy!!!!

  • aimes76

    He would be yummy if he cut that shaggy mop...