PHOTO GALLERY: Kim Kardashian's Post-Workout Treats

Looking good as always, Kim Kardashian!

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star treated herself to some pastries and a Smoothie after hitting the gym on Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood on Friday.

Hey, a gal can't live on fabulousness alone, even a gal as clearly fabulous as Kim Kardashian. Plus, she's gonna need the strength for her upcoming charity boxing match.

Click through the photo gallery and breathe in the glory!



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  • krista

    She is the best and her sisters i too love i look all kardashians shows - keeping up whit the kardashians and kourtney and kloe take miami i love all these shows you all are really nice family ! :) I'am from Latvia so im never been in your shop or seen you on street but i really want it! sorry if some words are writted whit mistakes i don't now all english language! you will always look amaizing!

  • T.I.

    Because people like you take the time to make comments on this blog and other blogs. You make her famous

  • tromba

    Other than her giant ass and a poorly filmed sex tape, why is she famous?