PHOTO GALLERY: Lady Gaga at the VMAs

Kanye West may have stolen Taylor Swift's speech, but it was Lady Gaga who stole the show tonight, putting fear in the hearts of millions as she paraded around the Radio City Music Hall in NYC in a variety of equally scary outfits.

From her weird feathery neck brace to her dying streetwalker stage getup, Gaga kept it interesting, to say the least. She walked away with the award for Best New Artist.

Which Lady Gaga MTV VMAs look was your favorite? Check out our gallery (oh, its a good one), and share your favorite one below!



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  • gagaiscute234

    i have to post this and send this.This Is di best pic dat deh in a di world

  • kissmyasss23

    dat pic is nice although.........go to to see more of these

  • dandyshandygamerocks345

    what a heck of a outfit.dyam gaga u really look nice bitch bitch ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • justdanceparty432

    who di heck is dat ?dat do not look like Gaga.she has some sexy boobs right there i feel like i wanna squeeze it right till it!!!!111

  • ladygagaishot234

    i do not even say she is ugly she is sexy

  • Robert

    Lady Gaga is a pig. She's a horrendous role model for kids. I hope she wakes up because she has been predeceased by many her came before her and are gone because of the same pathetic insanity.

  • teeshirtandties

    teeshirtandties: Lady Gaga:… : first thought? @PerezHilton (

  • reese

    o get over your selfs

  • haha créu
    haha créu

    cara que demoooooooooooooooooooooooooo LOL

  • aussiechick

    The wacki, weird & ugly version of Barbarella !

  • aussiechick

    Oh wow, it's Bride of Frankenstein! Sorry, I don't think even Dracula has that bad a taste, although she might leave a bad taste in his "fangs" !!!

  • aussiechick

    This is what Minnie Mouse would look like if you put a bridal veil over her ears, ha! ha!

  • memaw

    lady gaga was obviously born with a penis

  • blair

    who said that Lady Gaga was the new Madonna?He must would have been high or in coma...

  • +)+)+)

    no comment { . }

  • +)+)+)

    lost your bow ?

  • +)+)+)

    the return of franckistines wife mwah ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! ps: im sorry that your gonna have nightmares tonight guys ! pss:boooo

  • Ewwww

    she has saggy old lady boobs

  • ICE

    I think she has abeautiful voice...Id never wear theclothes she wears but I love her sense of fashion!

  • guest

    what an idiot! was that supposed to be "Artistic"? it was just stupid..And who the heck told her she should sing live...- horrible...

  • Stuart

    Is this her idea of a wedding dress? Weird!

  • reese

    how can you even like lady gaga she carn't sing. and your right to go as her for halloween.

  • alex

    :Oso am i XD i decided that when she first came out and i already have the costume so nerrrr :P

  • Michael

    I like it...matter of fact...I have the same thing but mines is black.

  • noah

    I'm going to go as Lady Gaga for Halloween.