Kendall Jenner Looks Fierce on the Balmain Runway at Paris Fashion Week

By: Jess Cohen / March 5, 2015
Kendall Jenner continues to dominate Paris Fashion Week. More »

Breaking Hair News: Jared Leto Trumps Kim Kardashian, Debuts His Own Platinum Blonde ‘Do

By: Kendall Fisher / March 5, 2015
Step aside, Kim Kardashian! There's another blonde bombshell in the house. More »

Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara Are Scouting for Florida Wedding Locations

By: Michael Prieve / March 5, 2015
The sexiest couple on the planet, Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are reportedly looking to marry in Florida. More »

Please Enjoy These Photos of Zac Efron Carrying His Cute Dog

By: Peggy Truong / March 5, 2015
If you’re reading this from the east coast, chances are you are enjoying enduring day 9432 of winter. To ease the pain, we’ve compiled a wonderful collection of photos from Zac Efron’s lunch outing from Wednesday (Mar. 4, 2015). More »

Kate Bosworth Opens Up About ‘Struggling’ in Her 20’s, Goes High-Fashion for ‘The Edit’

By: Kaitlyn Laurie / March 5, 2015
Kate Bosworth opened up to fashion mag The Edit about her past struggles in light of her incredible success and fame at such an early age. The 32-year-old actress began her career at age 14 with The Horse Whisperer, and passed up an acceptance to Princeton University to further pursue her acting career. More »

Breaking Hair News: Kim Kardashian Dyes Her Hair Platinum Blonde

By: Kendall Fisher / March 5, 2015
We only have two words right now... HOLY S#%T! More »

We Bet You Didn’t Know Kim Kardashian Has a Really Hairy Forehead

By: Kendall Fisher / March 5, 2015
Kim Kardashian is typically pretty open about her personal hygiene, fitness and beauty routine... But there's one thing she's been leaving out all these years: her hairy forehead. Yes, the 34-year-old reality star is opening up for the first time about her hairy situation and how she finally got rid of… More »

Doughnut Squad: 13 Stars Who’ve Played Cops On Screen

By: Taylor Rock / March 5, 2015
It's about time we gave some recognition to Hollywood's finest — as in, those who've joined the police force in movies and television programs. One of our most beloved Hollywood hunks, Mark Wahlberg, has portrayed a member of the law enforcement quite frequently. At this point, whenever a new Wahlberg film is announced, we… More »

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