10 Best 'Twilight' Scenes Ever

  • 10 Best 'Twilight' Scenes Ever
Edward and Bella first met in biology class, but we all felt the chemistry between the two characters develop. (Even if Edward had his broody face on.) 
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  • Jennifer Thurston
    Jennifer Thurston

    Does any one else Miss them? Not neccesarly Rob & Kristen, but th ''Twilight World'!? To me after the 'Non-fight' in Breaking Dawn's end...I just know Aro takes the 'knowledge' of Creating his Own Hybrid Child....it takes several Decades(he never 'gets the fact that he MUST LOVE the 'Mother'!!?) Win he does create a Hybrid, She Turns out to be Good Vampire!!! Ha Ha Ha...Someone hv Stephanie call me, I don't want money!!! Happy Twilight Dreams