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10. Brendan Fraser: Who knew that Encino Man would actually end up being a career highlight? We can only hope that PETA protests his latest, Furry Vengeance, on grounds of animal abuse.
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  • lady

    I love him ! they just don't know.

  • Manuel Rey Arocho
    Manuel Rey Arocho

    Gods & Monsters, The Quiet American, and School Ties are Brendan Fraser movies that were respectable films.

  • Raunnie

    And I totally thought this pic was of Jaime Kennedy!

  • Trudy

    No one remembers "The Quiet American" or "Gods and Monsters"?

  • Kathy Butler
    Kathy Butler

    I like Brendan's acting, from his independent things that no one notices, to the Mummy pics which are fun ( and he takes himself less seriously then Harrison Ford does!). Now, like Johnny Depp and others with kids, he seems to want to make films his kids can watch. What's wrong with that?

  • Cat House
    Cat House

    Regardless of his cheesy, cheesy movies, I still love Brendan Fraser...whatever movie he does, I pick accordingly.

  • nate

    i guess a prerequisite for posting about brendan must be the smoking of large quantities of crack...all brendan fraser movies are great?? what is wrong with you people-has this man ever been in a good film?? the mummies are exactly the type of overblown cgi b.s. that makes me embarrassed to be american...he overacts, and i think he lets that skunk on his shoulder pick his film roles...dudley do right anyone,

  • tydalane

    i so loooooooove brendan

  • Mary

    I like ALL Brendan Fraser movies, he's great!!!!

  • lala

    BRENDAN FRASER IS AWESOMMEEE !!! seriously what about the mummy?? he is awesommmeee xD

  • John House
    John House

    This I disagree with...because I look forward to a "Brendan Fraser" movie. They're like a comforting bag of Cheetos...you always know what you're gonna get, even if it's excessively cheesy.