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2. Nicola Cage: Someone please stop him before National Treasure 3 goes into production.
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  • Manuel Rey Arocho
    Manuel Rey Arocho

    For the amount of talent he has (which is a lot), he's been doing a lot of slumming, but he needs to make money somehow. He's bankrupt.

  • googuis

    He was a "villain-turned-into-hero" whose head was a burning skull and rode a motorbike...crappy, crappy movies he has made!

  • chris

    Nic Cage is the only person that does not deserve to be on this list. His movies are almost always successful.

  • Aaron

    Cage has rescued himself in his role in Kick-Ass, so he doesn't deserve to be in this list anymore.

  • kd

    10 people - only 90 more to go to round out the current list. Just about every actor in Hollywood has made bad movies or did a role they just walked thru! kd

  • shannon

    Yes I hate nic cage he's such a boring actor although he did a good job in Kick Ass but still he does not have a lot of range!

  • sk

    Your list is off in soooooo many ways - maybe you should have your journalism card pulled and given back to Cracker Jack!

  • sandramac

    I do not agree Nic should be on this list. He's made some recent, good films I admire, like Knowing. Movies and their stars don't all have to be big-budget, Oscar contenders to be interesting, enjoyable films or performances.

  • Jara

    Nic was great in KICK-ASS and KICK-ASS killed. Da bomb!