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6. Jennifer Aniston: The only interesting thing about her movies is finding out which co-star she'll pretend to be hooking up with during filming.
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  • Manuel Rey Arocho
    Manuel Rey Arocho

    She really needs a challenging script. Like Sandra Bullock she needs to step outside her comfort zone and do a hard drama. The Break-Up did show a side of her that was impressive, and she can act. And, she looks great and lots of people like her.

  • googuis

    I love her...all she needs is a good script!

  • Maria

    I agree, Jennifer Ansiton should move on to some other area of the film industry. She is doing how many more Rom coms this year? Seems like a great person, but her acting is not so good.

  • Seriously ?
    Seriously ?

    One of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood .... and this article being covered by what appears to be one of the most ill-informed people in the blogosphere.

  • Shannon

    I love Jennifer she is a great actress and the only friends cast who has been able to leave their character behind and actually become a Hollywood Star I think she's amazing and all her movies are great. I can't wait for her next ones!

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    STUPID CELEBUZZ !!!!!! Jennifer is great, she is nice, funny, cute and beautiful !!!!!!!

  • wicks

    Really out of all the 10 people this person is the only one that fits. She doesn't have the talent or the screen presence to be in movies and should stick to tv. All the others look like A list when compared to her.

  • nakedoldjennifer

    every performance is rachel green, OVERRATED AND BORING

  • me

    Agreed. She can only play Rachel.

  • jen

    wth, first it was the worst superhero movies list last week and now this. You people would be able to find good acting or good movies if your life depended on it.

  • Jara


  • meganleigh

    This list is a load of pap! half the people dont be on it!

  • amy

    I kind of like her...but yeah besides friends everything she has done is crappy (except the good girl...I kind of like that movie)

  • John House
    John House