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8. Matthew McConaughey: We get it, you're the bad boy that all the ladies think they can change. That's the nice thing about his movies—he keeps getting older, but the plots all stay the same.
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  • Just a thought
    Just a thought

    He absolutely should be in the list. The guy is known for his bare chest.....go walk about shirtless, surf and call it a day.

  • sk

    He was acting - sorry missed that, I was too busy waiting for him to take off his shirt so I could check him out! He doesn't even need a line in the movie

  • katelovelife27

    He's so HOT !!!!!!

  • helen

    No way he should be in here, he's great!

  • John House
    John House

    LOL I think Family Guy/Seth McFarlane got to this one before you did.