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10. Taylor Momsen: First, and perhaps the most relevant these days, you consistently forget the part of your morning routine that involves wearing pants.
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  • Lily

    I happen to love her style; though I think she's immature, obnoxious, and annoying. And cruel. Did I mention immature? Still, girl's got style. Love it.

  • djlo

    Taylor Momsen is very on-point fashionwise just so everyone knows. Her party lifestyle is another issue altogether.

  • shellbelle

    lil cindy lou who looks like a streetwalker. tries wwwaaaay too hard to be bad. - what a poser.

  • Guest

    I just have one question: Where the $%^# are her parents? Mine would have freaked out if I tried to leave the house looking like that.

  • meganleigh


  • emaN tseuG
    emaN tseuG

    Epic walk of shame.

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    She is stupid kid !!!

  • w00t

    she looks hot sh*t here. if some ugly skank like kate moss was doing this, everyone would think it was the latest fashion. fashionistas are so sad

  • Laura

    shes adorable so shut ur f*cking mouth!

  • juliana

    She's so perfect , so I don't give a F***

  • sophie1986

    i don't know. Can we get this Paris Hilton wannabe something to suck on so she looks more convincing?