10 Tan-Tastic Celebrities Revealed

  • 10 Tan-Tastic Celebrities Revealed
Katie Price a.k.a "Jordan" launches 'Katie, my magazine' at the Worx studio in London on September 7, 2011.
Source: Splash News Online
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  • Mirella

    why @CandyFrEaK2100 why dont you look around the steert and see how much people dont wear seat belt .. she probably forgotten and please , did u remember everytime ?-.-u are sick (: leave her alone , she's just a normal person .. she forgets these stuff like we all do .. dont watch if u're a hater (;

  • Abhinandan

    ita!!and I bet the interest on "This is not Ikea shop"..selling Vintage ftneiuurrs will go up after this visit from Rob!I hope all the speculations that he has already got a place with his special lady and their dog Bear is true!!