Aubrey O'Day #96 -- Celebuzz's 101 Hot Bodies

  • Aubrey O'Day #96 -- Celebuzz's 101 Hot Bodies
Working out is key to having the endurance and stamina Aubrey O'Day needs on stage. "It is important for me to work out with a trainer because they push you past your own limits. They show you that you are more than you think you're capable of," the singer says on her blog. The 28 year old star follows a vegan diet and stays slim by running, spinning and swimming. "I love swimming. Sometimes I make up dances in the water; it’s so fun," O'Day blogged. "My least favorite workout is running on a treadmill, anything repetitive!"
Source: FameFlynet
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  • YaBoySL

    She looks like Hulk Hogan's back!

  • Hawk

    The only way this girl will work out is if the paparazzi are camped out in the gym.

  • castaneda

    So trashy!

  • pearlysmed

    She looks like a fried chicken leg!

  • Lana Kane
    Lana Kane

    Slim?? Works Out?? Celebuzz R U BLIND??? This chick is like a bursting hot dog in a microwave! Vegan??? NO freakin way. This girls diet is EAT EVERYTHING!