Kim Kardashian #1 -- Celebuzz's 101 Hot Bodies

  • Kim Kardashian #1 -- Celebuzz's 101 Hot Bodies
How do you stay cool when you’re this hot? Not afraid to flaunt her enviable assets in an itty-bitty two-piece, Kim Kardashian tops Celebuzz's 101 Hot Bodies countdown. Known for her famous curves, the bikini-clad celebpreneur has been gracing the beaches of Mexico and Hawaii this month while on vacation with beau Kanye West. Recently sharing sexy shots from the Big Island, the 31 year old reality star tweeted photos of herself in a retro floral suit captioned "Aloha" and "Me Ke Aloha" to more than 15.8 million followers. Want a hot body like Kim K's? Take a tip from her A-list trainer, Gunnar Peterson. "What I hear from everybody is that they don't have time to do both cardio and weights - they can either do one of the other. Well, if you think your schedule is busier than Kim Kardashian's, I got news for you - it's not," he recently told SHAPE magazine. "The Cardio Gym gives you a way to do your cardio with your weights - chest work, ab work, tricep work. If you don't have a Cardio Gym, you can get on a recumbent bike at your gym with a pair of dumbbells - overhead presses, curls, tricep extensions - so many things to do, so little time." 
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  • Cory Toombs
    Cory Toombs

    This list is dumb. Half the girls on here have no body at all, and where is Nicki Minaj!

  • Richie J
    Richie J

    She deserves it. No 1, has a very perfect body shape. Kim you are beautiful

  • Alix Verriest
    Alix Verriest

    Unbelievable, this must be picked by a panel of girls/women what a bunch of crap is this Celebuzz, this makes you look like amateurs To start you should look how they look now and not from years ago Fat ass Kim on 1 is the biggest joke

  • yup

    Kim does have a great body... when she is photoshopped!!

  • yup

    Further proof that KK bought the rights to many of the gossip websites... this is so rigged! Photoshop isn't real ya'all no matter how much you pay for it. The real life KK, I don't think anyone in their right mind would want to look like. EEEE-EWWW!

  • GMR

    Her Mother clearly paid for this type of press

  • JERP

    no way this is bull s...

  • Tuna

    This list is a joke! Enough said.

  • Cinosanap

    This is just retarded!! What a sow.

  • Lam

    Are you stupid? Upton is pure fat, this chick is muscular.

  • northshore

    Is is April fools day joke? who made this list? she would be lucky to make the top 200

  • Rob

    It's so obvious a women made this list.. some of them don't even deserve to be on the list... Like Lee Ann Rimes... talk about nasty

  • Miss H
    Miss H

    I would've put Jennifer Aniston or Halle Berry as no. 1 not Kim. Sorry Kim but thats not your spot your sister is even better toned than you.

  • Cameron Alston
    Cameron Alston

    Not at all.

  • guest

    Many of these women are so thin they have no waist at all. Just sticks with boobs. Some on the list are just skinny with no tone at all. Skinny does not equate with healthy. Who is on this list that actually looks fantastic? I'd put Jessica Biel at #1, Halle Berry at #2, LeAnne Rimes at #3, Julianne Hough at #4, and Jennifer Aniston at #5. As another poster said, Kourtney has a better figure than Kim (but Kim certainly does have a great body).

  • NJMC

    Really taylor swift has a bikini body??? nothing on top or bottom, doesn't seem right to me.

  • Roscoe

    Kim K the epitome of a perfect body? Seriously? Only women that think that must be walking around with too much junk in the trunk. Any list that has this many Kardashians on it is obviously just a bad joke....

  • Mia

    Kim K is a epitome of a perfect body... she looks the way all women should look- a perfect hourglass shape body! to all of you who are disgusted tell me this- how in the world is LeAnn Rimes #12?? Also, Kate Upton??? Her body has no shape...and how on Earth do those corpses from Victoria's Secret get in the race in the first place? I don't want to see a 20+ year old woman with a body of a 12 year old child.

  • glo-b

    She has no business being # 1 in this pole. Her sister courtney has a better body after having a kid, than she does. Lets do real bodies, not ones that have been surgically enhanced, like Holly. Real women not plastic , synthetic implanted women. More like Jullianne Hough. She is so pretty and has a real killer body. Taylor Swift is bearly out of her teens, get real.

  • Bob Price
    Bob Price

    The only criteria for this ignorant crap is popularity. What a joke.

  • Million-DollarSmile DannyDante
    Million-DollarSmile DannyDante

    duh fucc!!! where is ashley green !!

  • dfg

    She looks super fat in this pic!

  • Amber Kuma
    Amber Kuma

    EWWWW how is Kim K. number one?!?!!??! Her body is NOT cute!

  • Truth

    Want a body like hers....First you start with 10 pounds of chocolate...Who came up with this list. She's way too big to make the top 25.

  • aha

    GROSS LIST...piss poor selections. Taylor Swift and Whitney Port???!! Seriously. KKat #1 is stupid

  • footballisus

    How many weenies did she blow for that title? Shes not in the caliber of any of the other women in there!

  • WG

    Was this done by a group of slightly overweight recent moms? WTF Being skinny is bad.

  • bev1314

    I'm shocked by this! Kim is not number one, in my eyes anyway. I personally thought either Beyonce or Jessica Alba had the best body. And JLo should have been further up the list!

  • Sabrina

    Love KIM !!! Shes the best!

  • Deisel

    Please you have got to be kidding me maybe #50 but no way in hell is she #1 Kate Upton should be #1 she has a much better body.

  • castaneda

    Are you kiddin'?

  • jbd59

    you gotta be kidding me. she is NOT no. 1 by a long shot.