LeAnn Rimes #12 -- Celebuzz's 101 Hot Bodies

  • LeAnn Rimes #12 -- Celebuzz's 101 Hot Bodies
Despite a sudden weight loss that caused much speculation in the tabloids earlier this year, Leann Rimes says she doesn't want to be skinny. "My goal is to be a classy, healthy woman…" she recently told Fitness magazine. "I want to be strong. For so long I tried to be sexier, or whatever, but I've finally found who I really am." To stay trim, the singer maintains a mostly organic diet and shops at Wild Oats and Whole Foods. In addition, she researches gyms or places she can go running in every city when she's on tour and takes a jump rope on the road. "I skip rope for 10 to 12 minutes at a time, at a really fast pace, and it burns an enormous number of calories per minute," she said. "When I first started jumping, I couldn't do it at all. Two minutes and I was done. Over. Now? I'm like Rocky!"
Source: FameFlynet
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  • Scott Pittman
    Scott Pittman

    all of you picture-less folks are great at throwing out insults. maybe u should post some shots of ur bodies and let us critique.

  • Scott Pittman
    Scott Pittman

    maybe you should post ur body shot.......

  • jersee trash
    jersee trash

    since when is starving somalian considered "hot"

  • Nate

    Neigh. I prefer non equine types in a bikini

  • Is it April 1 already?
    Is it April 1 already?

    Thanks for the laugh, Celebuzz!

  • Smilin' Sam
    Smilin' Sam

    I think she has always been a hottie.

  • judy

    shame on you, Celebuzz. Leann Whines looks like a young boy with those huge shoulders, stick figure no real curves, just those bolt on suckers

  • Disgusted

    She looks like a twink with tits. ARE you kidding me?? LMAO. Now I KNOW this site is a JOKE. ROFLMAO.

  • calimommy09

    How much did Leann pay you guys for this?! No way in hell would she make the list other wise. What a joke.

  • Ranger

    Who voted Mister Ed?

  • Mandy

    are you kidding? 15? She has a HORRIBLE figure... there is NOTHING SEXY about her body or her period!

  • Sandy


  • Miriam

    Nooooo!! The list is fail!She shouldn´t be here at all!!

  • 1stclassarmysgt

    Jennifer Lopez, LeAnn Rimes?

  • latinamoma

    not trying to be mean but there is no way leann rimes should be number 12!

  • ohonore

    Is this a joke? She shouldn't be in the top 101, let alone in the top 15.