Katharine McPhee #22 -- Celebuzz's 101 Hot Bodies

  • Katharine McPhee #22 -- Celebuzz's 101 Hot Bodies
For Katharine McPhee, staying in shape is part of the job. The Smash star gets up at 5 a.m. each day to make it to set. "I go right to hair and makeup," the star recently told Self magazine. "That's when I eat: oatmeal with brown sugar and raisins, and crispy turkey bacon." A typical lunch includes chicken and brussel sprouts or cauliflower, followed by a sweet treat like a little chocolate or a handful of Skittles. "I do a five-hour dance rehearsal," the star says of her weekly routine. "I feel it in my thighs and calves, but it's so stop-and-go, I miss my real workout."
Source: Startraks
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