Gretchen Rossi #25 -- Celebuzz's 101 Hot Bodies

  • Gretchen Rossi #25 -- Celebuzz's 101 Hot Bodies
For Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi, keeping fit goes beyond just looking good. "I've always been really athletic but as far as taking my health to the next level, it was actually in high school because I suffered from an eating disorder. I decided I wanted to get really healthy and educated about staying in shape," she tells Celebuzz. Working out with personal trainer Ken Rawlins keeps the blonde bombshell toned though she admits, "I would say 70% of it is truly what you eat." Typical snacks include healthy options like turkey slices with cheese, but that doesn't mean the star restricts herself on a daily basis. "I really try and keep the word diet out of my vocabulary."
Source: Bauer-Griffin Online
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