Nicki Minaj #59-- Celebuzz's 101 Hot Bodies

  • Nicki Minaj #59-- Celebuzz's 101 Hot Bodies
Despite a naturally petite frame, keeping off the extra pounds is still a struggle for Nicki Minaj. "I can’t stand being on a treadmill. That mentally irks me," the songstress recently said on the BBC's The Graham Norton Show. "Once I even have to be compelled to lose several, I merely cut out sugar and starch.” The 29 year old "Pink Friday" rapper-singer keeps her sexy, pear shaped figure in check by doing a daily 30 minute workout on an elliptical trainer and by dancing. "Being on stage keeps you fit. It’s like cardio," she said. "When I’m on tour, I lose a lot of weight. When I’m at home, I have to do so much to lose it."
Source: FameFlynet
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  • Kevin L
    Kevin L

    Hot body??? The only thing that's hot about this skank's body is that I want to stick a hot poker in my eyes so I never have to see this hideous joke again.

  • Liltman

    Ok, I tried to give you another chance but this is getting ridiculous. This is a "101 Women we want to promote" list. Nicki Minaj.. Hot body... Naah.