Rebecca Romijn #69 -- Celebuzz's 101 Hot Bodies

  • Rebecca Romijn #69 -- Celebuzz's 101 Hot Bodies
After struggling to lose the 60 pounds she gained while pregnant with her twin daughters (now 3), Rebecca Romijn totally revamped her lifestyle. Restricting certain foods from her diet (starch, dairy, fat, red meat, alcohol and sugar), the 39 year old celeb mom began incorporating lean fish, spinach, and light salads with chicken breast into her daily meals. "Just being on a diet was weird for me. I had never been on one in my life, and suddenly I was counting calories and measuring my food," Romijn recently told FITNESS magazine. Realizing that her pre-baby fitness regimen wasn't working anymore, the star set out to find a completely new way to challenge her body. "I do Bikram yoga three days a week, and I run after my twins every day -- a workout in itself!" Romijn says. Today, the 5'11" actress and former model feels more fit than she ever has before. "I'm stronger, I have more energy, and I feel better, too," she quipped, "I was proud to get back into a bikini!"
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  • castaneda

    Perfect face and body!

  • joer0313

    She is such a beautiful woman, I remember in X-men Amazing