101 Hot Bodies: Spotlight on #101 Courtney Stodden

  • 101 Hot Bodies: Spotlight on #101 Courtney Stodden
Sure, she's been known to post videos of herself wearing next to nothing as she "works out" but Courtney Stodden happens to prefer a less regimented schedule when it comes to keeping fit. The child bride, who will turn 18 this month, denies cosmetic surgery rumors and says her body is 100% natural. She also tells Celebuzz that - gasp - she doesn't even work out!
Source: Coleman-Rayner
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  • Eriko

    I always thhguot the baby's breath related to those flowers that were often in traditional wedding bouquets, and the shoe full of rice related to the idea that people throw rice at a wedding .so I guess I thhguot it meant they didn't want to get married, so they had an abortion?