101 Hot Bodies: Spotlight on #101 Courtney Stodden

  • 101 Hot Bodies: Spotlight on #101 Courtney Stodden
Sure, she's been known to post videos of herself wearing next to nothing as she "works out" but Courtney Stodden happens to prefer a less regimented schedule when it comes to keeping fit. The child bride, who will turn 18 this month, denies cosmetic surgery rumors and says her body is 100% natural. She also tells Celebuzz that - gasp - she doesn't even work out!
Source: Coleman-Rayner
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  • Michelle Reynolds-Golda
    Michelle Reynolds-Golda

    Lana that hair is Doug's tail...hence jack-ass

  • Lana Kane
    Lana Kane

    Courtney.....psssst..... those are panties NOT a bikini you dumb ho. She outta be arrested for indecent exposure...and abuse of a horse. That hair did not come from a salon. Her and Doug snatched it from a horse ranch.

  • Ella

    bullshit those tit's aren't fake... obviously implants