Snooki s Hair-Height Technician

  • Snooki s Hair-Height Technician
Snooki's Hair-Height Technician:: One might assume that this pint-size Jersey Shore guidette uses enough hair spray to make the ozone layer weep in order to maintain that towering hair pillar of hers. Not true; she has a rotating staff of Third World children who actually stand on top of her head and prop her skyscraper-like hair-helmet up.
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  • sweety from maine
    sweety from maine

    "People from New Jersey are ugly and tacky." never been there so i wouldn't know, but the jersey shore people are from new york and rhode island, not one is from new jersey. i guess it will be more proper to say, i hate people from new york.

  • I hate people from NJ
    I hate people from NJ

    People from New Jersey are ugly and tacky.