Tyler Posey --15 Teen Stars You Never Knew Were Latino

  • Tyler Posey --15 Teen Stars You Never Knew Were Latino
He plays Scott McCall, a high school student who moonlights as a werewolf on MTV’s hit series ‘Teen Wolf,’ and Tyler Posey—who’s half-Mexican—says he’s proud to represent for his Latino community. “I remember when I was a lot younger my mom would tell me that the projects I would be working on at the time were a way of giving back to the Latino community," says Posey, who starred as Jennifer Lopez’s adorable 11-year-old son Ty Ventura in the 2002 romantic comedy, Maid in Manhattan. "I didn't really understand what she meant at the time but now it makes sense. Being Latin myself, I know how passionate we are about EVERYTHING that has to do with being Latino, which will be a great success for me and "Teen Wolf" knowing that I will always be supported by MY PEOPLE! The Latinos!”
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