This pop sensation was born on

  • This pop sensation was born on
This pop sensation was born on February 20, 1988, and is living the good life with BF Chris Brown.
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  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    Rihanna is ugly !!!!! I love her music but I hate her !!!

  • emma

    she stiiiiiiiiinks her music is sooo boring and the style and hair no comment

  • monka

    I hate her

  • Gretna

    and BTW u retards tht have commented before sayin 'i love you' who the f*ck are you writing that to? she's never going to read what you've put.. 1) cos its not her website or owt like tht 2) she doesn't give a sh*t about you all she cares about is money 3) if she did read that her head would only get BIGGER (if thats possible) u losers 'loving' someon you dont even know. the thing u love is the idea of her, the image that the people from her record company want you to see bunch of thick idiots u lot are. P.S. i do like her songs there good but she dint write em or owt like that all she did was sing to the tune the writers told her to they get no credit anyways rant over. you guys suck!

  • Gretna

    Stupid ugly c*cky Bitch

  • ddavenport

    ILY Rihanna!

  • =)

    shes like the most famous person on here and there hardly any comments here! I LOVE YOU! you rockk!! xxxxx

  • lulu77


  • power

    yha............. thats obvious they are happy 2gether