If Jon and Kate Gosselin know

  • If Jon and Kate Gosselin know
If Jon and Kate Gosselin know anything, it's how to be great parents. Whether it be maintaining a crew of six strangers with cameras in your kids' home, or just a bitter, public divorce, these two know what it takes to raise children. Now, they will be sharing that advice with other parents across America.
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  • Karen Hoschar Lewis
    Karen Hoschar Lewis

    What is so sad, Kate, is you and Jon and your beautiful 8 kids could have continued on your reality show and made your living as you were. Instead, you seem to have wandered from that, Jon, and even far more then you admit, your children - who, BTW, made you famous, to pursue Hollywood-type stardom at any cost - saying you and Jon "very quickly" went different directions. He did not. You did - demanding fame at any cost, not accepting "you" cannot force the league you are trying to function in now to place you. So sad. Wish you'd come down to earth and repair your family, lose the obstinance - you do have so much to offer, but are not satisfied. I do NOT agree with all the bad publicity on Jon. I watched this man care for your babies so tenderly, truly love them, and jump as you barked commands ruthlessly at him. Hard for me to understand you grew up in the same setting my own children - your age - did. Please get yourself together.