No doubt about it Taylor

  • No doubt about it  Taylor
No doubt about it, Taylor Lautner's Abs were everywhere this year, dominating the newsstands and movie screens with their sexy-but-underage rippled ubiquity. But with Eclipse co-star BooBoo Stewart coming into his own chiseled glory, Taylor Lautner's Abs will be under a lot of pressure to up the crunch count if they want to maintain their relevance in 2010.
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  • danielle

    i agree he is so damn hot also his abs are so irrresistable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • carolay

    ola taylor eres muy lindo y haces una linda pareja con taylor swif i love taylor lautner

  • paige

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  • paige

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  • andrea

    so beautiful :)

  • bibi

    I agree bia

  • sydsouth

    * His abs are beautiful but I agree, he has so much more to offer!!* anyways he's a keeper..=D

  • bia

    stop talking about his abs he is so much more than that.. like for example he is a great actor!

  • Jow Jonas
    Jow Jonas

    damn HOT. love TAYLOR!


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