Actress Jessica Lowndes arrives at the

  • Actress Jessica Lowndes arrives at the
Actress Jessica Lowndes arrives at the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards held at the Nokia Theatre on September 20, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.
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  • helloyou

    She's probably on the list because she looks like she's going to prom. She looks great and adorable but she also looks 16

  • S.Crosby87

    not bad but for her age it kinda is. Her and miley cyrus' oscar dress should trade

  • leannna depp
    leannna depp

    the shoes should have been more simple and the dress shorter but all in all she looks lovely

  • abigail

    She looks really cute...I love the dress the hair...the way she carried it...I love everything about it...

  • Naquira

    I don't like the bottom; maybe if the bottom were softer and a litte shorter . . . and the should be trimmed . . . less bulky shoes would be nice, but I don't hate this. Kinda cute all things considered.

  • Zola

    umm she looks like the before picture for megan fox in jennifers body - you know, the white dress splattered with blood? and thats not a compliment. Hair and make-up is cute though.

  • Tarah

    What's wrong w/this??

  • evita1500

    What? Come on, it's a lovely dress on a sweet girl! *don't know her btw*

  • Tamsin

    I think she looks beautiful but the dress length is eurgh!

  • ramo

    well, i think she looks pretty.. love the dress.. she does NOT belong in this category..

  • Soapstef

    She looks like she started dressing for a Victoria's Secret show & someone reminded her that it was the Emmys.

  • A

    I think she looks really cute :) Shoes aren't the best, but the rest is gorgeous :)

  • MizzBee

    I would have done a different shoem, but I think she looks cute. After all, she is not a nominee or presenter.

  • e

    worst dressed?! she looks absolutely adorable.