Celebrities attend the MTV Europe Awards

  • Celebrities attend the MTV Europe Awards
Celebrities attend the MTV Europe Awards 2010 at the La Caja Magica on November 7, 2010 in Madrid, Spain.
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  • Aydan Gorgis
    Aydan Gorgis

    Lady Gaga and Rihanna for example wear more revealing clothing. But you don't call them a slut ? Do you even know who Miley Cyrus is ? Your just judging a book by its cover. If you dislike Miley Cyrus then you don't need to be commenting. She should only read things about her from her fans, if hatters hate her why waste time looking at her pictures and commenting ?

  • Angel

    Learn how to spell before you try to insult miley HA! gtfo


    oh wait, JIC, YOU'RE no fun


    your no fun

  • Tomme73

    She wasn't walking around half naked. She was performing on-stage. Have you ever been to the beach? In the summer? With other people? In the daytime? I've made my point.

  • Tomme73

    You said Justin Bieber and "he" together. FAIL! Seriously, though, the older Justing gets, the more "he's" looking like a girl with Kiera Knightly boobs.

  • Tomme73

    dictionary.reference.com only helps if your spelling is close enough to resemble the actual word you're trying to spell, or I would have suggested using it. Let's face it, Miley didn't change. She played a fictional character for years and was finally able to be herself. That's all. Carry on.

  • Tomme73

    You missed *jealous.


    i tink sh is just [plain bad]


    i hate when the good turns into bad just like miley

  • trololol

    lmao! one certainly doesnt need perfect grammar to insult somebody. people who correct grammatical mistakes are so unoriginal lol.

  • smilerdep

    always the best:)!

  • HA

    i sooo agree with stephanie 100%

  • Asister Marrhiane Lambert
    Asister Marrhiane Lambert

    yea..wow u r a rockstar girl...

  • Lizzy :)
    Lizzy :)

    Oh I love this outfit but i hate hate hate the shoes >.< boots nice but not this design.

  • stephanie

    how is it the parents fault for havin there kids look up to her she was a disney star 1st remember the little girls r what made her without them she would be nothing infact ever since she's ditched her younger groud i havn't heard of her since i was just looking up jennifer lopez divorced when this popped up

  • ...

    Yes, because most grownups I know walk around half naked.

  • Katie

    Im not being funny like but you all critisize her but have you seen the backing dancers ?!? They arent much better ! Leave Miley alone, let her live her life the way she wants ! YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE !

  • Barbie Sam Barry
    Barbie Sam Barry

    ohkay! and wats your reason on haten on her!?!!

  • courtneybaaaby

    robert go eat a dick.

  • Jordynn

    im not a big fan of her personality and her style, but she is drop-dead gorgeous!!! :)

  • Robert Wright
    Robert Wright

    Change, are you really as stupid and illiterate as all of your comments have proven you to be?

  • Eric Carlson
    Eric Carlson

    Come on. She's a skanky, undersexed little trollope who seems to be looking for dirty old men. Her parents should be ashamed - as should she. If she's after Justin Bieber, she may get her wish. He seems to like them young.

  • Punana

    shes sexy........id bone her...........

  • Crystal Lindsey
    Crystal Lindsey

    Why didn't people say all that when britney changed. Or when some girls decide to play stupid video games. Miley isn't the only role model for little girls. k? If the little girls are looking up to a 18 year old they have problems. and so do their parents for not caring if its inappropriate. y'know?

  • Crystal Lindsey
    Crystal Lindsey

    *admit *thought *like *none *Damn Worse than CC. hahaha

  • mickey mickey
    mickey mickey

    she is all grown up now and why should she not wear what she wants all the other stars do, remember how char looked in all of her customes? no one asked her why so let her do it as the old saying goes "if you got it, flaunt it" and she does have it. let here enjoy it whileshe still can.don't we all wish we looked like that????????????

  • Jessica Dubois
    Jessica Dubois

    It's not the fact that people are "jealous" you say, or "hating", but I think it's best if you take a step back and look at what message she's sending to little girls. This screwed up idea of having show lots of skin and wear cakes of makeup has perverted the image of a female teenager. This is not what "Beauty" is. I hope you guys understand that.

  • change

    trust me sweety im not jelious in fact i etmitt to hating on her because instead of liking her i thout about any reason to likr her and there was non so shut your god dam bitch self up k

  • change

    yea she may be but they are not wearing that much clothes. o and by the way i didnt hate on her intill she complitley changed and if you like it so much then why dont you walk and dance around like that and see what goes up on the enernet and what comments come up like MILEY CYURES ALL OVER AHAIN and what will you think

  • Olivia

    of* wearing* pretentious* If you're gonna insult then know how to spell them correctly. (:

  • jesseecaa

    i don't get why alot of ppl are hating on her out-fitt.. like she's wearing more clothes than her dancers

  • Lizzie

    dickheads all hating on her. get a life. if you dont like her dont look at her pictures!! JEALOUSY IS A BAD DISEASE, GET WELL SOON BITCHES!

  • CC

    Yea, love the leader ov the sluts wearin a pretensious white! hahahahahahahah

  • Lissie

    OMG, love love love!!! Awesome preformance Miley!!

  • Tabita Kapinga
    Tabita Kapinga

    rwweewwwww hate hate